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  What Are Bioflavonoid – The Super Antioxidants?

Nearly everyone has become aware of antioxidants, yet have you ever before asked yourself exactly what bioflavonoid antioxidants in fact do? The story of anti-oxidants begins with free radicals. Free radicals are in fact a regular part of our physique, in fact several of them work in our immune system, so they are not necessarily all hazardous, unless there are too many of them. Free radicals form as part of our metabolic procedures and are actually just atoms that have shed an electron. Each atom in our physique alreadies existing in a state of harmony when comparing the protons (favorably asked for particles) and the negatively billed electrons. Sometimes, an added proton can be added to the nucleus of the atom, disturbing the harmony, or an electron can simply be shed from one reason or an additional.[…]

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