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Avoid Foods That Trigger Abdominal Fat Storage

  Eating Tips & Exercises to Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

Avoid Foods That Trigger Abdominal Fat Storage
While genetic makeups largely determine where your body outlets fat, you could reduce the chance of gaining belly fat by preventing foods understood to trigger storage space around your stomach. A 2010 study in “Nutrition Study” found that intake of meals that are high up on the glycemic index, such as those containing white glucoses and flours, could trigger the storage of stomach fat. Specialists at the University of Buffalo discovered that alcohol consumption could also lead to belly fat buildup. Their seekings, published in the 2003 issue of the “Journal of Nutrition,” revealed that wine drinkers had the least belly fat, while alcohol enthusiasts had one of the most. The course of individuals’ belly fat associated with the quantity of liquor they consistently consumed.[…]

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